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  Welcome to OET

Organic Electronic Technologies (ΟΕΤ) is a world leader in R2R manufacturing and technologies for flexible Organic Electronics (OEs) and holds more than 25 years experience in thin film technologies.

OET designs, produces and delivers

  • R2R Printing Manufacturing and Mass Production OPVs
  • Large area R2R Production of OLEDs and OE Devices
  • Process Technologies for Flexible OPVs and OLEDs
  • In-line Optical Metrology & Quality Control Tools for Process Reliability
  • In-line Laser Patterning Tools for minimal Losses and high Quality Devices
  • Development and Prototypes of 2D/3D Manufacturing Processes
  • Turn-key Solutions for Manufacturing high Performance OEs

OET occupies a unique position in the global map of OEs

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